Kamil Esten – Fusion [incl. Sky T Remix]


Elliptical Sun has an absolute stunner of a track on their hands from the very talented Kamil Esten. Fusion is an awesome synthesis of 80’s nostalgia and epic Progressive House vibes that will make anyone listening want to get up and dance. Kamil brilliantly intertwines an infectious lead, playful arps, a groovy bass and amazing percussion to envelope you when listening.
The Sky T remix of Kamil Esten’s ‘Fusion’ is an interesting departure from the original, that both evolves the core ideas of the track while remain true to the overall retro vibe. Blending in a breakbeat breakdown and some housier percussion, Sky T brings down the tempo but keeps the groove going.
You definitely are going to want to pick up this brilliant EP releasing exclusively via Elliptical Sun Recordings!