Elliptical Sun Music 03


After having an electric 2018, the Elliptical Sun artist family is ready to define the future of the label’s sound. Adrian Alexander, Elliptical Sun frontman and head of A&R, delivers the label’s 3rd annual compilation, Elliptical Sun Music 03.
Adrian has compiled 28 tracks from 30 artists onto 2 discs, serving up a strong offering of the elements that give our label the unique identity that it has. The compilation sees epic returns for veteran artists on the label, such as Paul Arcane, Quizzow, Emerge and Lee Coulson, as well as offerings from budding producers Nick Hayes and Francesco Sambero. The Antipodes and Thomas Mengel show out with stellar contributions, with familiar faces like Chris Giuliano, Nikhil Prakash and Jeff Ozmits putting forth some of their best work yet.
The strongest compilation from the Elliptical Sun team to date, we proudly present Elliptical Sun Music 03!