Elliptical Sun Music 02


One year after the release of our first ever dual compilation between Elliptical Sun Recordings and Elliptical Sun Melodies, we proudly present the second chapter of the compilation, once again delivered by label frontman Adrian Alexander.

Adrian has compiled 26 of the most powerful and inspiring melodic numbers that our ever-growing label roster has to offer. This two-disc compilation spans the soundscapes of our two imprints. While disc one boasts deep and progressive sounds from the likes of Lee Coulson, Vasily Goodkov, Rylan Taggart and Unlivian, disc two brings the heat with new music from artists such as Paul Arcane, Sodality, Maglev, Skylane, and Adrian Alexander himself.

A true snapshot of where our label family is headed in 2018 and beyond, we are proud to share Elliptical Sun Music 02 with you!