Sub Question comes out swinging with the new Elliptical Sun Recordings exclusive ‘Playground.’ As its  name implies, this track, at its core, contains playful melody that combined with its explosive bassline, huge chords and terrific percussion  is something you can’t help but want to dance to. ‘Playground’ is certainly going to be a great addition to any set and another powerful release from Sub Question.

Aresz provides an awesome remix of Sub Question’s new track ‘Playground’ that infuses some epic big room progressive trance vibes into the track. This remix of ‘Playground explodes out of the gate with an aggressive bassline pushes the track into a beautiful breakdown that culminates in a soaring combo of chords and percussion that with absolutely dominate any dancefloor.

This new EP for Sub Question’s ‘Playground’ is another great addition to a host of strong releases from Elliptical Sun Recordings!