Coming to you exclusively from Elliptical Sun Recordings is the new EP Cycler from Tocalta containing three absolutely stunning tracks.

Cycler is an absolute banger from Tocalta with a driving percussive groove and terrific lead melody. Using just a few notes, Tocalta’s infectious melody stays with you long after listening and will surely do the same on dance floor where you play it!

Eclipse is a terrific addition to the Cycler EP. Tocalta wastes no time with track, building from riff to the next, you travel between a variety of percussive styles all the while guided by another terrific melody.

Epoca is truly an epic track. Completing the trifecta of Tocalta’s Cycler EP, this amazing song takes you on progressive journey. Infused with elements old school trance and modern progressive structure Epoca features a core melody that is both beautiful and deep.