Elliptical Sun Recordings have seen many talented artists join their ranks in recent years. Some of those artists have had breakout years since we last saw their name on our imprint, and Californian producer Emerge is one of them. Putting forth some of his best work in the next few months, Emerge’s 2016 debut is his new single “Goddess”. Intricately produced in highly musical taste, “Goddess” begins with a groovy, swing time bassline followed by warms pads and shimmering arps. Neatly arranged breakdown synths and vocal work create a lush lull in the action, but not for long. One of the most melodic drops you’ll hear all year follows shortly after, satisfying the tension created by Emerge’s expertly designed build. Zeus himself couldn’t dream of a more fitting title for this tune. An outstanding track for an outstanding audience, grab a copy of “Goddess” now!