In his Elliptical Sub debut, American producer Dan Ginolfi takes us on a tour of “The Valley”. A piece that is reminiscent of his life experiences in the Shenandoah Valley, “The Valley” explores the spectrum of emotions, from aggression to pure bliss. This tune’s uniquely growly bassline, along with its delectably melodic chord riff, make it a total dance floor monster.

Along with the original comes the absolutely smashing Adrian Alexander remix. Painting “The Valley” in his unique club-flavored style, Adrian takes the original groove to a new level with fat synth stabs and reverb whooshes. Big breakdown chords lead to an amped-up drop that will dominate any club or festival’s sound system.

This hot new release from American artists Dan and Adrian is soon to be a staple in any music library. Grab it while it’s hot!

I edited the deception a little bit to make it more personal for Dan