Chicago-based producer Adrian Armendariz, better known as Adrian Alexander, has made a name for himself in the last year with a consistent output of music on Elliptical Sun, including fan favorites ‘Stratosphere’ and ‘Prove Me Right’. Now, Adrian returns to the label with his first EP ever, complete with two tracks that embody his strong musicality and forward-thinking club sound.


In the lead track ‘Turnaround’, Adrian puts forward his most infectious melody to date, played by a whirlwind of full-bodied saws, fresh arps, and a layer of silky smooth vocal work that hits the sweet spot with every listen. Combing that with a rich percussive bassline and Adrian’s signature club horns, makes ‘Turnaround’ a sure hit for the radio and on the dance floor.


The B-side of the EP, titled ‘Imagine’, employs a huge growling bassline and aggressive percussion as it builds toward its soothing, dreamy breakdown. At the drop, lush saws and playful arps support a euphoric lead melody, making this track’s peak section as high-energy as they come.


Help us welcome Adrian Alexander back to Elliptical Sun Recordings and grab his first ever EP now!